Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final Exam Blog Post (Part Tres)


In my opinion, my most successful piece of work this semester was my comic strip. One of the reasons was that it was an original idea and piece of work, and I actually came up with the idea, which is surprising, because I'm not always the most creative person. I am actually very proud of this project, because I'm not the greatest at cartoon style, and it turned out pretty well (it was also featured in Apex's newspaper!!) I was able to communicate through my work the rivalry that some of students feel about the restaurants just past the pods, in a funny, comic (see what I did there?) way. And yes, I am proud of it, even though it STILL isn't finished. (hehe I know I'm, terrible). 

Of all the projects that we did in this class, I think that I would want to redo the light project the most. Now we would know how to draw better and quicker, and have more success overall in the final products that we would produce. Honestly, it was just a really fun day, and I wouldn't mind another one of them.  

Final Exam Blog Post (Part Dos)

I Developed Art Making Skills:
Before we did the painting unit, I had minimal experience with paint, because my preferred medium is pencil, and quite frankly I kinda sucked at painting. We used acrylic paint, which I think I largely prefer to watercolor. I learned new techniques in terms of that we learned how to mix the paint to make the colors that we wanted (we only really had the primary colors and black & white). I also learned that you paint the WHOLE background first (and promptly forget about that when I was painting a galaxy bunny for my friend's birthday...hehehe...). While most people painted in straight lines across the canvas, I painted in kind of abrupt strokes going all directions which I thought actually went well with the theme and scene of the painting. I definitely gained a lot of experience with the materials, and hope to paint more in the future. 

Final Exam Blog Post (Part Uno)

Art in Technology: 

Because we're in AOIT Art (weird, I know, >.<) but we had the opportunity to use the iPads in the media center. In making the "technology" piece I used art in the actual making of the shape, and in the paint brushes that gave it more texture and more of a real cactus, (I mean, it was based on a short story "The Cactus" where it was a non-real in life cactus called a Ventomarme, that the girl who got married and the guy who though he loved her was sad and a dude told him it translated to  "come to me" 'cause of the weird "beckoning" leaves and it was basically encouraging affairs, which aren't good)...but anyway, I was really proud of the final product, and still am, it was my first attempt at computer art!! And art in technology!! Yeah!!

Technology in Art:
For one of our past Photoshop projects (not in the 12 days) we took pictures with photo frames, and put something that represented ourselves inside of it. In the end it was a piece of art (or at least I should hope so, because although I never saw it, my friends *sigh, yes, I do have some of those* told me that it was featured on a TV screen at the front of the school or something like that). Without the use of Photoshop, it would of just been an ugly picture of me, instead of a masterpiece! (not really) (but really tho.) JK I don't do good art, I mean this is kinda passable. I searched the interweb for colorful paint splatters, and used the transform tool to place the art in and around the frame and under me feet, to make it look like (or atleast close) to it have always had been there.

Day 7: Disney-Super Hero Mashup

For our seventh and final day in the days of photoshop(*cries*), we did a Disney character super hero mash up. I combined Stitch (the most adorable character ever!!!) With Thor (he's great!). It turned out actually not that bad!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 6: Parody Movie Poster

We had to make a parody of a movie poster, so I did Iron man, except with the tin man from The Wizard of Oz. I did two versions, colored and Black and white (for the tin man).

Day 5: Animations

For this day of Photoshop, we had pretty much had free rein of what to do, as long as we made it into an animation. For mine I decided to do a snowball fight where the snowballs were flying toward the screen. (I may have gotten a little lazy towards the end, hehe).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 4: Literal Interpretations

Today and Friday, we looked up lists of compound words, put the two objects together in a literal interpretation of the word, in a total 5: 






...And you are very welcome for the enlightenment I've shed on your day as you aimlessly scrolled through my blog for some reason!!